Charles E. Lannon


Director of the Company since 1995. Mr. Lannon is and has been the President of Strategic Advisory, Inc. (formerly known as Strategic Capital, Inc.), a consulting firm, since 1995. Through Strategic Advisory, Inc., Mr. Lannon has provided consulting and advisory services to many companies seeking capital, transactional and financial guidance. Also, since 1995 he has served as an executive officer and on the board of several non-public companies. In addition, in 2013 he joined the board of Royal Oak Realty Trust Inc., a private REIT, were he currently is the lead independent director and serves on the audit, governance, and compensation committees. Prior to 1995, Mr. Lannon was involved in the self-storage industry for over 10 years. Such collected experience allows him to provide the Board of Directors with significant assistance related to investor relations, strategic and transactional matters. He also has an excellent understanding of corporate governance trends and the role of the Board of Directors which enables him to well serve the Company as chair of its Governance Committee and as a member of the Audit Committee.